Turbo Shredder
Picture 51
User(s) Frackjaw, Skeleton
Functionality Transport, Fighting
Status In use

The Turbo Shredder is a speciality vehicle used by Skeleton


Turbo Shredders were made by the Skeletons, but only one was seen going in and out of the Underworld on the rain to steal the Golden Weapons and the 4 Weapons attack. It was sucked into the Tornado of Creation

Frackjaw's Turbo ShredderEdit

Frackjaw has a Turbo Shredder.


Reinforced ultra-Underworldium treads power the front of the vehicle, while the back rear wheels have inner shadow wrapped around bone. When the shredder moves forward, a giant mouth on the front chomps forward.The mouth has armor and iron interlaced armor. It has two inferno exhaust pipes, and an Elemental Mark IV engine capable of attaining speeds needed to cross over to the Underworld.

Set InformationEdit

The Turbo Shredder appears in its own set with Frackjaw, Cole, and Jay. When you roll it forward, the front rapidly opens and shuts to swallow and crush ninja.