is the former general, now current second-in-command and warrior of the Hypnobrai tribe after being defeated by Skales in the Slither Pit.

Lego Ninjago: Rise of the Snakes Edit

After his plot was foiled by the ninja, Lloyd Garmadon stumbled upon the ice caverns of the Hypnobrai. Slithraa approached the intruder and attempted to hypnotize him, only to be put under Lloyd's control.

The general then leads the tribe on an attack on Jaimonikai Village to steal the villagers' sweets. Skales questions raiding the entire village for candy, and Slithraa demands that his second-in-command will obey him because he holds the staff. Sensei Wu sends the ninja to drive the Serpentine from the village, who find the villagers hypnotized into Slithraa's command. Cole managed to strike Slithraa so that he drops the staff, and Skales attempts to hypnotize him, but Nya kicks the snake and forces him to retreat with the others. Cole then uses the antivenom to free the villagers of their hypnotized state.

Later, Slithraa seems to have no concern of the loss of his staff, and instructs the army to build a treehouse fortress for Lloyd. He finds Skales and Rattla slacking from work, and commands them to assist the rest of the tribe in the construction. Skales once again questions the "childish agenda", but Slithraa dismisses his objection. The general was apparently unaware of the fact that Skales had trapped Lloyd in a wooden-barred cage, and lead the tribe on his own to retrieve the staff from Sensei Wu's currently unguarded monastery. They succeed, and burn the monastery to the ground.

At the ice caverns, Skales claims right to the staff, but Slithraa demands he return it to him, only to be challenged in a fight in the Slither Pit. The commander of the Slither Pit announces that the winner will keep the staff and lead the Hypnobrai. Although Slithraa was an impressive opponent, Skales defeated the general using the Serpentine martial art of Fang Kwon Do. The Slither Pit Commander gave Skales the staff, and he grew a tail and replaced Slithraa, who pledged loyalty to Skales and now occupies the role of second-in-command.