Skull Motorbike
User(s) Chopov, Skeleton
Functionality Transport
Status In use

The Skull Motorbike is the most common form of Skeleton transportation.


Created in the Underworld, the Skull Motorbike is a favorite transport of several Skeleton. They were used on the attack on 4 Weapons, and were part of the strike force to steal three of the Golden Weapons. Each time they sped fast to return to the Underworld. Several were damaged by the Tornado of Creation.

Chopov's Skull MotorbikeEdit

Chopov owns a Skull Motorbike that is also outfitted so the skeleton design can flip forward and crush foes.


The Skull Motorbike is powered by a Mark III engine that can go so fast as to cross to the Underworld. It has conflagration 2.0 afterburners, and light bone and iron armor. The suspension is made using sorcerous powers, and the front skeleton head can slam metal onto the ground.

Set InformationEdit

The Skull Motorbike driven by Chopov was the main piece of the Skull Motorbike set. Jay was included within the set, along with the Nunchucks of Lightning.