Nunchucks of Lightning
Status In use
User(s) First Spinjitzu Master (Formerly), Samukai (Formerly), Jay.
Functionality Creates lightning, used in conjunction with other weapons.

The great Nunchucks of Lightning are one of the legendary Golden Weapons.


After the first Spinjitzu master used the Golden Weapons to create Ninjago, Sensei Wu hid each away. The Nunchucks guarded by a Lightning Dragon atop the Floating Ruins. They were taken by Jay, who took then right into the Forest of Tranquility. It was taken by Samukai to the Underworld, where he united all the Golden Weapons at the cost of his life. A portal opened that allowed Lord Garmadon to escape, and Jay took the Nunchucks back to Ninjago.


The nunchucks create a lightning bolt that has a thunder-like impact. Used with the other Golden Weapons, it can make things.

Set InformationEdit

The Nunchucks were in the Skull Motorbike set, as Jay tried to save them from Chopov and his Skull Motorbike. They also were in Samukai's hands in the Dark Fortress set.