Picture 26
Skeleton General
Affiliation Skeleton
Occupation Skeleton General
Weapons Silver Dark Blade, Silver Bone Ax, Chained Fang, Golden Double-Bladed Bone Axe. Major Spear, Bronzed Bone Axe, Fanged Blade
Status Alive
Location Underworld

Nuckal is a general in the Skeleton fighting force.



Nuckal won the Silver Dark Blade in a contest, and also was promoted to skeleton general behind Samukai. In the attack on 4 Weapons, Nuckal fought with Kruncha and they found the map behind the weapons sign. After crossing back to the Underworld, Kruncha and Nuckal were examining rocks when Nuckal found a donut-shaped rock in the Caves of Despair. They attacked the Ninja finding the scythe, and had to flee after the Ninja used Spinjitzu.

The ninja ran past the skeletons at the Frozen Wasteland, and were one step ahead of them at the Floating Ruins. Nuckal was part of the ambushing force in the forest that stole three of the Golden Weapons. Kruncha and Nuckal inspected cargo entering the Dark Fortress, and Nuckal spotted the DX Ninja. He was caught in the Tornado of Creation, and ended up trapped with cotton candy in a ferris wheel with Kruncha. Both Nuckal and Kruncha escaped the ferris wheel and taught as substitute teachers at the Boarding School for Bad Boys. After Lloyd Garmadon and Pythore P. Chumsworth "invaded" the school, Nuckal and Kruncha were banished from Ninjago by Cole.

Biography (LEGO Universe)Edit


The overseer of skeletons, when the skeletons went to face Wu on Crux Prime after he fled Ninjago, Nuckal watches the skeleton mining effort. You defeat him at least once to unlock the secret that the Skeletons are mining pure Maelstrom to protect themselves from Spinjitzu.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Nuckal is strong, but is also very stupid and dumb. He always fights with Kruncha and is pretty stupid overall.

Set InformationEdit

Nuckal appears in the Spinjitzu Dojo Set, and in Nuckal's ATV. The Nuckal's ATV set has an entire ATV driven by Nuckal. In spring, Nuckal was the only Skeleton to be given a spinner set.


Guessed stats Edit

  • Intelligence=2
  • Strength=8
  • Speed=8
  • Attack=7
  • Defense=3
  • Stealth=3