Skeleton General
Affiliation Skeleton
Occupation Skeleton General
Weapons Unknown
Status Alive
Location Underworld

Kruncha is a skeleton general of Nuckal's rank.


Along with Nuckal, Kruncha found the map at 4 Weapons that would lead to the other Golden Weapons He then inspected rocks at the Caverns of Despair, and fled when the Ninja discovered Spinjitzu after they recovered the Scythe of Quakes. Kruncha almost captured the Ninja in the Frozen Wasteland and the Floating Ruins. After stealing three of the Golden Weapons with Samukai from the Forest of Tranquility, Kruncha crossed back to the Underworld Finally, Kruncha was heading inspection at the Dark Fortress before he and Nuckal were trapped in a ferris wheel after being hit with a Tornado of Creation by the recently arrived DX Ninja.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Kruncha is a strong and powerful commanding general. Both Nuckal and Kruncha were banished from Ninjago by the ninja in the Rise of the Snakes TV series.

Guessed Stats Edit

  • Intelligence=9
  • Strength=7
  • Speed=4
  • Attack=6
  • Defense=8
  • Stealth=7