Affiliation Skeleton of Lightning
Occupation Skeleton
Weapons Golden Bone, Double-Bladed Dagger, Grim Pickaxe, Shurikens of Ice
Status Deceased
Location Unknown

Krazi is a skeleton warrior, very adept in the powers of Lightning.


Through lots of training, Krazi became a good Lightning Skeleton. He was at the Caves of Despair guarding the skeleton effort to get the Scythe. After spotting Kai, the other ninja captured him. When they created the tornado of creation, he committed suicide by jumping off of the ledge into the pit.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

A little on the crazy side, Krazi is very destructive and strikes like the lightning powers he has an advanced knowledge of. However, Krazi is never seen without his jester hat.

Set InformationEdit

Krazi has his own spinner set with the Golden Bone, Double-Bladed Dagger, and Grim Pickaxe. He also features in the Ice Dragon Attack set, fleeing with the Golden Shuriken from Zane DX.