Frozen Wasteland
Picture 11
Residents Ice Dragon (Formerly)
Location Ninjago
Status Extant
World Normal

The Frozen Wasteland is an icy region in northern Ninjago.


The Shruiken of Ice were hidden here by Sensei Wu and guarded with the Ice Dragon. Lightning Skeletons tried to reach the Golden Weapons, but were frozen. He returned guiding a ship with Jay, Cole, Zane, and Kai to reach the Shruiken of Ice. When Zane touched the weapon, he was frozen. The other ninja carried him out, fleeing the Ice Dragon, past the confused Skeleton army.


A huge area filled with ice and ice caves, the Frozen Wasteland is in an ice-filled bay. There's Break-your-Leg Mountain a Hall of Mirrors Cave, and icicles. Dwarf Shrubs are mad dwarves crossed with shrubbery that have been exiled here. Very Wild Flowers are short-lived insane flowers that giggle madly until they die. Ice Berries are hard as a rock, and inedible.


2000+ pound Polar Ice Bears hunt on the ice floe. Frozen Owls can survive standing still for years, and are deathly quiet whilst hunting. Iceberg Whales hide under the water, a growth on their head looking like an iceberg.