Affiliation Skeleton of Fire
Occupation Skeleton
Weapons Silver Bone, Dark Blade, Golden Battle Mace, Scythe of Quakes
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Frakjaw is the tough Skeleton of Fire.


Frakjaw has gained power over the Fire Spinjitzu power of Fire. He is present in the mining effort in the Caves of Despair, and drove a Skull Motorbike in the Forest of Tranquility raid. Frakjaw was sucked into the Tornado of Creation in the Underworld. He was spotted fighting in the battle against Pythor, but it is unknown whether or not he survived. He is presumed deceased ias he was never seen again.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Frakjaw is very tough, and loves the power of fire he has mastered. His bones are hot to the touch, and radiate fire off them.

Set InformationEdit

Frakjaw is present in the Spinjitzu Starter Set with his own spinner, Silver Bone, Dark Blade, and Golden Battle Mace. He features as the driver of a massive vehicle in the Turbo Shredder set.