Episode 2: King of Shadows
Picture 39
Television Episode
Director Various
Producer (s) Unknown
Writer Hageman brothers
Starring Paul Dobson, Vincent Tong, Micheal Kopsa
Channel Cartoon Network
Released January 14, 2010
Runtime 23 minutes

Ninjago: King of Shadows is the conclusion to the Winter Ninjago storyline.


Sensei Wu is guiding Cole's boat through the Frozen Wasteland, and telling Kai and Jay about the Tornado of Creation. They enter an ice cavern, and encounter frozen Skeletons. Zane grabs the Shurikens of Ice from the Ice Dragon's mouth. It freezes him, and the other ninja carry him past the disembarking Skeleton army into the ship. The ninja are climbing the Floating Ruins, and Jay takes the Nunchucks of Lightning at the top. The Lightning Dragon appears, and the ninja use flying devices to fly past Nuckal and Kruncha into the Forest of Tranquility. In the forest, Cole plays the bongos to get Sensei Wu to dance.

In the night, Nya talks to Kai and runs away. Kai follows her to the Fire Temple, and finds that she was actually Lord Garmadon's shadow. Nya is chained above lava, and Kai frees her with the Sword of Fire. A shadow Kai appears, then several more. The shadow claims the sword, but Wu arrives using a shadow eagle to claim the sword. Garmadon shows that Samukai and the Skeleton forces have claimed the other Golden Weapons by defeating the ninja in the forest. They are going to unite the weapons at the Fire Temple. Garmadon awakens the Fire Dragon as they flee, causing Wu to take the sword to the Underworld.

Garmadon's shadow appears on the side of the Skeleton Monster Truck telling Samukai to head to the Underworld instead. The Skeleton armada speeds off, but the ninja free themselves and run in pursuit. After taking out Skull Motorbikes, they try to recover the Golden Weapons and stop the Monster Truck. Cole smacks Jay in the mouth, giving him slurred speech. They fail as Samukai takes the weapons to the Underworld. They meet Kai and Nya on the Fire Dragon, and they drop Nya off at 4 Weapons, and get their DX suits to ride the Dragons.

Cole is clutching the Earth Dragon as they fly above Ninjago, and then speed into the Underworld. They hang on webs above the Dark Fortress while Nuckal and the General inspect Skeleton transport. After being spotted by spiders, they drop below and are surrounded. Inside the fortress, Wu meets Garmadon, and cuts through Skeleton warriors. Outside, Jay regains speech to tell the others to use the Tornado of Creation (Chopov flees}. After trapping the Skeleton in a ferris wheel, they go inside. Samukai uses the other weapons to defeat Wu, but is ripped apart after grabbing the sword. A portal opens, and Garmadon escapes the Underworld.

The ninja fly to 4 Weapons, and celebrate their temporary victory.


Actor Role(s)
Vincent Tong Kai
Paul Dobson Sensei Wu
Mark Oliver Lord Garmadon
Michael Kopsa Samukai
Micheal Adamthwaite Jay
Kirby Morrow Cole
Brent Miller Zane
Kelly Metzger Nya
Brian Drummond Kruncha and Nuckal