Conservation Status Critically Endangered
Pronunciation N/A

Dragons are a type of animal that are ferocious, and elementally based.


The only known dragons were all used by Sensei Wu to guard the Golden Weapons. The dragons are in some ways tied to the weapons. Many years later, all the dragons were awoken and outran when the ninja stole their respective Golden Weapons. They were then flown into the Underworld to save Wu, then flown back out to the 4 Weapons shop.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Each dragon looks like its element, and they each have elemental breath. They can fly high in Ninjago, and twirl very fast in order to enter the Underworld.

Set InformationEdit

In winter, the Ice Dragon was released in its feature set. Then in summer, the Earth and Lightning dragons got their own feature sets and their DX ninja rider. The Fire Temple set of summer will feature the Fire Dragon prominently.