Affiliation Skeleton of Earth
Occupation Skeleton
Weapons Golden Dark Blade, Silver Bone, Really Big Stick, Bronzed Bone Axe, Silver Bone Ax
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Chopov is a sturdy well-built skeleton.


Chopov became a master of the Spinjitzu power of Earth. He was a guardian skeleton at the Dark Fortress and fled deep into the Underworld when the Ninja created the Tornado of Creation. As he was not seen after the battle against Pythor, he is assumed to have died.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Chopov has a strong build, and is very strong. Nothing is able to stand between Chopov and a goal.

Set InformationEdit

Chopov has his own spinner set containing the Golden Dark Blade, Silver Bone, and Really Big Stick. He features in the Skull Motorbike set driving his bike against Jay. Chopov appears also in Garmadon's Dark Fortress set.


  • Chopov is only identified on the Ninjago site as being in the TV specials. He appears as a lightning skeleton and fire skeleton in the same clip.